Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a fire ant dust versus other types of fire ant killing systems?

The Bengal UltraDust 2X Fire Ant Killer is both odorless – and water repellent. It does not clump or absorb moisture. The effectiveness is not ruined by light rain since the product is water repellent but heavy rains may wash the powder off the mound.

How many mounds will the product kill?

Our 12 ounce UltraDust 2X will treat 75 mounds, the 16 ounce product will treat 100 mounds and the 24 ounce product will treat 150 mounts. Only a teaspoon is required per mound. Sometimes, people use too much and product is wasted.

How can I speed up the time taken to kill the mound?

Use a long stick to lightly disturb the mound before sprinkling the product. Be careful not to allow any ants to get on your skin or clothes. Once the ants are pouring out of the disturbed mound, apply the product according to the directions. More ants come into contact with the product more quickly resulting in quicker results.