Frequently Ask Questions

Why do customers need to treat the pet, indoors, and outdoors?

Treating the pet without treating the home, and especially the yard will not achieve adequate control over fleas and ticks. If you do not initially treat all three areas at the same time, you will continue to introduce the fleas and ticks back into your home as they travel back and forth from the yard to the house. Bengal offers premium effective products that can used to treat and re-treat this problem as necessary in the house and the yard.

How do we get fleas in the house?

They can enter the house in 3 main ways; they can hop in from your yard, hitch a ride from your pet or you, or they may be left over from previous inhabitants. Fleas are constantly re-introduced into the home. Re-treatment of the pet, the home, and yard is recommended as often as needed for effective control.

What is the best type of home sprays to use?

Aerosols are the most popular versus trigger sprays with carpet powders pulling up the rear. Our Bengal Full Season Flea Killer Plus provides an optimum solution with a built in IGR to spray directly on furniture, pet bedding, drapes, and floor cracks to break the life cycle of the flea and kill ticks as well.