Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to use your foggers?

Food and food-contact surfaces, including those for pet food, should be covered or removed from the area being treated. Countertops, dishes, pans or other surfaces that will contact food should be washed with soap and water before using if exposed to the fog. Clean articles stored behind closed cabinet doors do not have to be washed before use. As instructed on the label, newspaper should be placed under the can before it is actuated. Though there is very little chance of product falling down around it, this is a precaution to prevent surface contamination in case of mechanical failure of the can or valve. Contains a flammable propellant as do all competing foggers, however, the small size in oz. of our product gives the same margin of safety as a typical 6 oz. water-based foggers. Pilot lights and other open flames in the treatment area must be extinguished.

Why is the Non-Flammable Fogger more expensive than other foggers?

The Bengal Non-Flammable Fogger is the premium product of this type on the market. The non-flammable propellant that is used in this product is many times more expensive than the gas normally used in foggers. Since propellant is the majority of the chemical content of the product (it contains no water), this fogger is expensive to manufacture.

What is the best use for your Insecticide Concentrate product?

Indoor use is best limited to crack & crevice treatment. Insecticide Concentrate has good residual action; it lasts longer than Roach Spray but does not penetrate as well. It is better for ants and ground dwelling insects since it is water-based and will saturate a surface or into the ground (but only an inch or two). This product is good for treating the crawl-space areas underneath houses and mobile homes where spiders and roaches may hide.

What are the advantages of using Bengal Crawling Insect Killer?

This product works well on ants because it is a water-based formula that leaves a residual coating on the ant trail. It doesn't blow them away as other sprays might, allowing the insecticide to coat the ants and kill them.

Why use the Bengal Flying Insect Killer?

Bengal Flying Insect Killer has more effective killing power than other similar products. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.