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Pet owners know that fleas and ticks are an unpleasant consequence of owning a dog or cat. They cause much discomfort, are very difficult to control, and almost 50% of all pets have some level of flea infestation.


In order to control fleas and ticks, you must treat the pet, home and yard. Treating the pet without treating the home and, especially the yard, will not achieve adequate control over fleas and ticks.

About Fleas

Fleas are small (1/16" - 1/8"), reddish-brown, hard-shelled with no wings and three pairs of legs. They are a nuisance to both humans and their pets. Flea bites cause allergic reactions and even secondary skin irritations or infections. The flea bite is not felt but the saliva of the pest contains a substance that produces inflammation and itching. If you look closely at the bite area, a single tiny puncture wound marks the spot - ants and spiders leave two puncture wounds when they bite.

The pain usually subsides in a few hours or several days at most, but scratching of the irritated area around the bite can sometimes lead to serious skin infections. Besides the irritation of their bite, fleas can carry diseases such as typhus fever or bubonic plague.

The flea has a life cycle that consists of 4 stages - the egg, larvae, pupae and adult. When fleas are active, they will go through the complete life cycle in two to four weeks. Only the adult fleas bite and they comprise about 5% of the population at any one time. Eggs are 50% of the flea population in your house, or over 10 times as many as adults, which explains why they can be hard to exterminate!

Frequently Ask Questions

Why do customers need to treat the pet, indoors, and outdoors?

Treating the pet without treating the home, and especially the yard will not achieve adequate control over fleas and ticks. If you do not initially treat all three areas at the same time, you will continue to introduce the fleas and ticks back into your home as they travel back and forth from the yard to the house. Bengal offers premium effective products that can used to treat and re-treat this problem as necessary in the house and the yard.

How do we get fleas in the house?

They can enter the house in 3 main ways; they can hop in from your yard, hitch a ride from your pet or you, or they may be left over from previous inhabitants. Fleas are constantly re-introduced into the home. Re-treatment of the pet, the home, and yard is recommended as often as needed for effective control.

What is the best type of home sprays to use?

Aerosols are the most popular versus trigger sprays with carpet powders pulling up the rear. Our Bengal Full Season Flea Killer Plus provides an optimum solution with a built in IGR to spray directly on furniture, pet bedding, drapes, and floor cracks to break the life cycle of the flea and kill ticks as well.
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