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The insects that most often bother people outdoors are wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, flies, ants and spiders. Fire ants are also a big problem, mainly in the southern US (see FIRE ANTS), and termites can cause much damage to household property. People deserve to enjoy the outdoors without being plagued by bugs. Bengal sells products that kill all these insects. Many of these products are labeled to kill a variety of other insects as well.

Our outdoor bug products achieve premium performance but are competitively priced. We are confident in the capabilities of our products and stand behind them fully. If you are not satisfied with our product performance, we will replace the product or refund your money (see GUARANTEE).

Outdoor Bug Problems

Wasps and hornets are stinging insects and are a nuisance around the home. People who are allergic to their venom can face a life-threatening reaction. Wasps build their papery nests of chewed up fiber, usually in a high sheltered area around the eaves or windows of buildings. The nest can be a home to dozens of wasps and serves as an incubation place for eggs and larvae. It is begun by the queen who is the only insect of the nest to survive the winter.

Because the nest is usually high above the ground, a powerful spray is required to reach it reliably. Also, to avoid being stung, the spray must hit the nest with a drenching blast that has an instant knockdown effect on the wasps. Because wasps are actively foraging for food during the day, the best time to spray the nest is at dusk when all of the insects have returned for the night. Bengal has two wasp sprays that offer superior performance.

Mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other flying insects are a major nuisance outside the home, on the deck or around the yard. Mosquitos like to inhabit the shrubbery around the patio. They come out mainly at dusk and dawn, but can be a problem throughout the day at certain times of the year.

Ants are beneficial in loosening and aerating soil, but are mostly pests to humans. They enter homes looking for food and water, and are often found around kitchen cabinets and appliances. Ants prefer sweet sugary materials or fatty foods, depending on the time of the year, needs in the colony and availability of food sources. Fire ants are a big problem in the southern US. They tend to make mounds indiscriminately on lawns. See FIRE ANTS under the VIEW PRODUCTS tab.

Spiders have 8 legs and belong to the arachnid family, which includes scorpions, mites and ticks. Each of the southern US states has 600 to 900 species of spiders living there, and there are probably 3,000 species worldwide. Most of these spiders will spend all of their lives outdoors and only a few chose to live in homes with humans. The brown recluse and southern black widow are two of the most common types found indoors.

These predators hide during the day and wander the house at night hunting for prey. Not all spiders build webs to trap their prey. Some catch their meals by merely hiding, and then pounce upon any prey that passes by close enough.

Termites can cause considerable damage to household property. As soon as termite damage, termite trails, or termites themselves are detected, a professional should be called to evaluate and treat the problem.

How to Kill Them

Wasps and hornets are most active during the day, leaving their nests for long periods of time. In the evenings, before it gets dark, the wasps return to their nests. So, if you want to maximize the number of wasps killed, be sure to spray the nest in the late evening.

BENGAL WASP & HORNET KILLER in the green can is a solvent-based product that has the best knockdown, and is good for use around areas where it may contact electricity as it is non-conductive. Wasps, bees or hornets that come into contact with this spray are instantly paralyzed and fall to the ground where they die. It should not be sprayed on vinyl, plastic, rubber or asphalt surfaces nor on shrubbery.

BENGAL FOAMING WASP & HORNET KILLER in the orange can is a water-based spray with a unique thick foaming action. This foam immediately traps the insects. The foam breaks down quickly and is generally not visible after just a few minutes. Bengal Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer has the further advantage that it is not harmful to vinyl siding, shingles or landscape plants & shrubs. It offers a quick knockdown and a foaming action that encapsulates the nest and any insects caught on it. Since it contains water, this product cannot be used around electrical boxes or wires.

BENGAL YARD & PATIO MOSQUITO FOGGER is the ultimate solution to this type of insect problem. It kills 24+ types of insects and repels flying insects for more than 24 hours. Also keeps spiders from building webs for up to 30 days! Bengal Yard & Patio is maximum strength protection against these pests and does not harm plants or vinyl siding. Buy a can to have handy for your next picnic or barbeque.

BENGAL FLYING INSECT KILLER can be used for the control of garden insects as well as indoor insects. Use on roses, dahlias, asters and other ornamentals to kill Japanese Beetles, as well as whiteflies, aphids, exposed thrips, spider mites, red mites and leafminers. May be sprayed on plants, as well as a multi-purpose spray in small gardens and for spot treatments of insect infestations. May also be used on other plants such as African Violets, asters, azaleas, begonias, camellias, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, delphiniums, dogwood, English Ivy, euonymus, fuschia, geraniums, crassula, grape vine, Kentia Palm, laurel, marigolds, rhododendrons, roses, rubber plants, snapdragons, stocks, wandering Jews and zinnias. Effective when used as directed against whiteflies, aphids, spider and red mites, exposed thrips, lace bugs, Japanese Beetles, pavement ants, clover mites and armyworms. When spraying plants, do not operate closer than 18 inches. For additional protection from mosquitos, apply Bengal Mosquito Repellent to cover exposed skin and/or clothing.

BENGAL CRAWLING INSECT KILLER is one of our best products to control these pests. Spray areas where ants are found or may hide, including dark corners of rooms and closets; cracks and crevices in walls; along baseboards and door and window frames; behind and beneath sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and cabinets; and around garbage cans, plumbing and other utility installations. Pests driven out of hiding places should be sprayed directly. Spray ant trails and around doors and windows, and wherever else these pests may find entrance. Spiders often hide in dark inaccessible areas. Apply spray in small amounts directly into cracks and crevices, into openings leading into voids and hollow spaces in walls, around equipment legs and bases where these insects hide. Spray outside surfaces of window and door frames as well as other areas where these pests may enter the home. Also spray dark corners and localized resting areas (such as under eaves) or porches, patios, and garages where spiders may congregate. Repeat treatment in 5 to 7 days as necessary.

BENGAL INSECTICIDE CONCENTRATE is a concentrate that is mixed with water in a pump sprayer according to the instructions. For crawling insects outdoors, Bengal Insecticide Concentrate mixes with water (1 or 2 oz. per 1 gal.) and makes up to 2 gallons of spray solution, which covers 1,000 sq. ft. It kills a broad spectrum of insect pests including cockroaches, ants, crickets, carpenter ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and many other insects. Perfect for treatment of door and window frames, or other areas where insects may gain access to the house.

BENGAL TERMITE KILLING CONCENTRATE is used for localized treatment only of termite infestations. It is low odor and kills swarming termites on contact. The 4 oz. bottle makes 4 gallons of termite killing solution. For example, this product can be sprayed on a pile of firewood that has attracted termites. This product cannot be used as a preventive measure against termites. As soon as termite damage, termite trails, or termites themselves are detected, a professional should be called to evaluate and treat the problem. Bengal Termite Killing Concentrate is used to treat visible signs of infestation only.

BENGAL CARPENTER BEE & ANT KILLER is a water-based spray  that produces a thick foam to immediately trap the insects. The foam breaks down quickly and is generally not visible after just a few minutes. Bengal Carpenter Bee & Ant Killer is not harmful to vinyl siding, shingles or landscape plants & shrubs. Since it contains water, this product cannot be used around electrical boxes or wires.

Bengal Carpenter Bee & Ant Killer also kills carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and yellow jackets.

Carpenter bees are active during the day when they leave the nest to feed on pollen and nectar. They are similar in appearance to bumblebees, but with a dark abdomen that is more shiny and glossy. Carpenter bees are attracted to exposed pine and cedar lumber and will tunnel into the wood to make a nest.  Before it gets dark in the evening, the bees return to the holes in the wood, and this is the best time to apply the product by spraying into the entrance holes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places to use the Bengal Termite Killing Concentrate ?

Use on localized areas where visible signs of termites are present. In firewood, woodpiles, fences, on old stumps and other attractive areas for wood destroying pests. This product may not be used as a preventive treatment.

How is your Bengal Yard & Patio Mosquito Fogger different than other outdoor sprays?

Bengal Yard & Patio is the best outdoor bug spray because of its unique formulation. It has a high level of active ingredient.

How long does your Yard & Patio Mosquito Fogger last when hosting outside barbeques, pool parties or enjoying your patio?

Kills insects that land on treated surfaces for 24 hours or more. Good treatment for the semi-annual "Love Bug" infestations.

Why use Non-Conductive Bengal Wasp & Hornet Spray versus other wasp & hornet sprays?

The solvent-based formula provides quick and complete knockdown of these pests. Also, the Bengal valve & button combination sprays more product per second vs. competitors that only spray a thin stream. While this makes the can empty faster, it provides a wide shotgun blast that prevents any wasps from escaping from the nest. It is better to use more product to knockdown all the wasps than have one escape the spray and sting you.

Why do you have to use the Bengal Non-ConductiveWasp & Hornet Spray can in an upright position?

Never spray a can of any Wasp & Hornet Spray in an inverted position. This will allow the compressed gas propellant to escape from the can – the pressure will be reduce from 90 psi to less than 10 psi, which renders the product useless. All Wasp & Hornet sprays have this problem, not just Bengal.

Where do we not use the Non-Conductive Bengal Wasp & Hornet Spray?

The Bengal Wasp & Hornet Spray (green/black can) is the perfect product for use around electrical sockets as the spray is non-conductive. However, do not spray on asphalt shingles as this may cause staining by dissolving some of the asphalt. Do not spray on vinyl siding to avoid staining or contamination of the surface. However, in this situation or around plants, use our Bengal Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer (orange can). This product will leave no unsightly residue on surfaces.

Why use Bengal Foaming Wasp & Hornet Spray versus other wasp & hornet sprays?

Bengal Foaming Wasp & Hornet Spray propels a rich foam that traps the insects preventing them from attacking you. Its unique delayed foaming action allows the product to be sprayed on to nests up to 25 feet away. It can also be sprayed carefully on shrubbery where nests have been built. Bengal Foaming Wasp & Hornet Spray should not be sprayed near electrical sockets or equipment as it is water-based and can conduct electric current. Bengal Non-Conductive Wasp & Hornet Killer should be used in these circumstances
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