Bengal is without doubt the best roach spray on the market. Don't waste your money on the stuff you see on TV. This costs more but its well worth it.
Mary P., Georgia
I sprayed your Bengal Yard & Patio Outdoor Fogger just before a birthday party for our granddaughter's 7th birthday. We live in Birmingham, AL and can hardly make it out the door without getting bit by a mosquito. To my amazement and everyone in attendance, no one was bothered by one bug.
Helen B., Birmingham, AL
Bengal is the best bug spray on the market! One treatment last for months and the bugs don't become immune to the spray. I love it!
Mary D., Cincinnati, Ohio
Here is a great story for you. About 5 years ago I lived in the Dallas area and bought your Bengal Wasp Spray at Albertson's and gave some to my son. He pulled out the spray, which could spray a very long distance and knocked down all the nests!
Tom M., Dallas, TX
Guys I purchased 6 cans of Bengal and I can't preach enough about how fantastic this stuff is. It sent the roaches running out of their hiding places, and they died not long after being exposed to the ingredients. Kudos to the guys at Bengal, They rock!! This product is simply  #1 and better than any so-called spray on the market. Simply amazing!
Dick B., Chicago, Illinois
Dear Bengal, I live in Miami Beach, Fl.  As you can imagine when the weather turns tropical, the creepy crawlies come out. I've been using a can of your Bengal Roach Spray and it is the best I've ever used.
Harry D., Miami Beach, FL
Bengal works wonders.. I heard about it from my sister, she and her mother buy it faithfully by the box from Bengal's website ( and it is simply amazing. Try it and I guarantee you it will work wonders.
Tenika T., Bronx, NY
I have used Bengal products for years and love them! I recently tried your Fire Ant Killer! Wow, what great stuff! Being from South Alabama, we know fire ants and have tried almost every fire ant killer you can think of, but your product tops them all! Thanks for making such a great product!
Kim R., Robertson, AL
Bengal is the only aerosol bug spray I've ever found that really works. I grew up in New Orleans in a raised house; this is an open invitation for roaches and flying roaches. When I used Raid, so help me, the roaches laughed and then flew right at me. I rarely act like a hysterical woman but a roach flying at me turns me into a running, screaming, ninny. Whenever I spray Bengal on them they dropped dead.
Mike K., Houston, TX
I have used a few cans of Bengal. I am so glad I gave it a try. It took a few weeks to get rid of the roaches, but for the past week, I haven't seen any. I have tried many different products to get rid of my problem... yours definitely Works! I will recommend it to everybody I know who has a roach problem.
Dorothy N., Columbia, SC
I am writing to tell you how good Bengal products are. The Bengal Roach Spray and the Bengal Full Flea Killer Season Plus are very good products; they really do work very well getting rid of fleas and all roaches!
Sue B., Murchison, TX
Bengal is by far the best insect killing product that I have ever used. It far superceded my expectations! Awesome product, I purchased two cans and went back for two more just to have on hand.
Sally G., Charleston, SC
I did not know what a cockroach was until I moved from Germany to North Augusta, SC in 1980. I found Bengal at the store and as desperate as I was and as expensive as your product is I had to try it! I must admit it is so far and by far the best roach terminator I have ever come across. I've been using your product for one week now and my vacuum cleaner cannot keep up with sucking up dead roaches.
Koen K., Augusta, SC.
Bill S., South Central, PA
I am writing to tell you how much we love our Bengal Roach Spray, its everything you said it would do and more. We have been using it, I guess, ever since it came out. Once we use it, we don't have to worry about roaches or crawling insects in the house. I just wished it was a little cheaper, but then it is cheaper than having an exterminator come out and spray dangerous chemicals all over the place.
Patricia S., Pittsburg, TX
WHOA! This stuff is amazing!!! Roaches came out of everywhere and you could tell they were having trouble moving around. That stuff is a miracle killer! I am going to buy another can tonight!
Ron K., Memphis, TN
This is the first time I've used Bengal Gold and I'm truly amazed at how effective this products is. Bengal is simply outstanding and if I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. Thanks to the guys at Bengal.
Jack B., Chicago, IL
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