Bengal's History

37 Years Tough

Bengal’s existence started as a surprise to our founder, Bob LeBlanc. In 1985 he received an aerosol can of supposedly ‘the best spray for roaches.’ The product was originally developed by the government to spray passenger airplanes in order to keep fruit flies from reaching the states from other countries. The program was unsuccessful in stopping fruit flies. Thinking nothing about it, Bob threw the can in the trunk of his car, where it stayed for a while.

Later, while Bob was at a friend’s home, his friend told him about a chair he bought and how it was infested with so many roaches that the exterminator couldn’t even kill them all. Quickly, Bob thought about the can that had been rolling around in his trunk. He brought it inside and sprayed the couch and the room. To their surprise, roaches came out of walls, cracks, crevasses, and every hiding place imaginable. But the product was doing exactly what it was made to do, flush & kill. They all left the home and upon returning they discovered all of the roaches dead on the floor.

The Start of Bengal

It was at that very moment; Bob knew he had something unique in his possession. He purchased a few more cases of the product and labeled it Bengal Roach Spray. Bob set out a sign that read "Guaranteed Roach Extermination Overnight" at Gonzales Hardware Store and sold out in a couple of days. 

Bengal was trademarked in February 1986 and the rest is history.

Guaranteed to work

or your money back

Our products are covered by the Bengal GUARANTEE. We will replace the product or refund your money in the event you are not satisfied. Our own Customer Service personnel are available during working hours to assist you in finding a Bengal product that eliminates your bug problem.

Bengal's Purpose

Effective and Affordable

Since its inception in 1985, Bengal has prided itself in supplying homes with effective and affordable insecticides. Our premium-level products replace the need for an exterminator which results in big savings for our customers in the long run, as well as peace of mind for their families. Unlike our competitors, we supply effective products with a high active ingredient composition.

Headquartered in the heart of bug territory

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the heart of "bug territory", our premium line has extreme brand loyalty in the South where 55% of total US insecticides are sold. Our customers expect consistent results, and we back each product with our Bengal Guarantee. We pride ourselves on providing strong customer service and support and stand behind the efficacy of our product line.

Bengal Products are guaranteed or your money back